"I couldn’t possibly praise these guys enough... From initial contact, through the tour and even after the tour, these guys have been so helpful and enthusiastic. They completely cater for your preferences, capabilities and goals, and get just as excited as I do every time they find an animal to show you. Each of the guys have amazing knowledge and put you where you need to be to suit all conditions. I wouldn’t bother going to West Java without contacting these guys, and will probably do most of my Indo herping with them... Amazing people in an amazing place..."

- Colin Smallwood, Australia

"I went out to West Java with Indonesia herping tours at the start of January for 2 weeks. While there I got to meet loads of great, enthusiastic and very knowledgable guides and field herpers. The local knowledge of the team is fantastic and allowed me to see dragon snakes, keelbacks, rat snakes and many more species! Along with the herping I also spent time at the Cilliwung Herpetarium which is a cause very worthy of support. All in all I had an amazing time with an amazing team of people"

- Tom Wells, UK

"I couldn't recommend Indonesia Herping Tours enough!

We are in Indonesia for two weeks of exploring nature and food. We had found a lot of both but barely any fish, which are my main interest.

Nathan Rusli arranged a fish-focused night tour for us, with very little notice. The staff are amazingly skilled and knowledgeable, and with a real passion for conservation, education and grass-roots change. Our expert and driver have little English but Sheila is very fluent translated for us and we really interesting conversations about Indonesian conservation.

They pick you up from your hotel, which makes things soooo much easier.

And the tour itself is something I will never forget! Amazing fish, reptiles, lizards and insects. I have so many wonderful photos and stories.

The best bit was simply when our guide, Angga, and I were slowly walking up the small stream together. With few common words, sounds of amazement say so much. Language and cultural differences fall away when you share your passion for nature.

Do it."

- Stella McQueen, New Zealand

"I went to Java with my girlfriend during the summer of 2017 and after we had no luck in finding (much) snakes and other reptiles by ourselves, we contacted Nathan to discuss the possibilies. 
Even tho it was pretty last minute, we were able to plan a night-trip in the Bogor area. 
We visited different locations and found quite a number of snakes, lizards, frogs, mammals, birds and insects.
We had a wonderful time, even tho the results were kinda dissapointing according to Nathan and the other guides. But we honestly couldn't care that much since we had such a great time. 
We loved the fact that Nathan is so straight forward and honest about what to expect. Like no other he realizes how unpredictable wild animals are and therefore he doesn't make any promises which he can't keep. Which is just great, since that how nature is.

We can't thank him and the other guides enough for our trip. 
At this very moment we are in the process of booking our next vacation to Java, summer 2018, and we are already pretty certain that we`ll be contacting Nathan again for, most likely, another night trip.

Once again, thank you guys!"

- Jordi Dirks, the Netherlands

"We've booked the West Java 5D4N rugged and we are still stunned what we've got. It was an awesome experience. The guest house was very clean, the people was friendly and the guides was awesome. We've seen so much from their culture and much more from their wildlife. We've found everything I want to see, could make some good pictures and have a great time.

It ended today and I can't wait to repeat it. If you think about a tour with these guys, stop thinking. Just do it. You'll get an awesome adventure that you'll never forget. Every time again! Thank you for the awesome time!"

- Timo Hoffmann, Germany

"Amazing trip discovering the beautiful wildlife of West Java and Komodo. These guys are experts in Herpetofauna but are amazing in other wildlife too like slow loris, civets, deer and a huge variety of birds and insects. 
The variety of habitats in the National Parks they can take you guarantees you a customized trip. Just let them know what you are after and it can happen."

- Dionne Slagter, the Netherlands/Vietnam

"I suppose to spend one week in Borneo looking for some creatures, however, one of my colleagues convinced me to make stopover in West Java. He was claiming he contacted some cool guys that can show us around. At first I was bit sceptical, but... We spent 2 nights herping with these guys. Still can't get my head around how they managed to find so many species for us. We got 40+ species of reptiles and amphibians !!!!! Incredible experience. Highlight of the trip was couple of calamaria snakes, caecillian and of course a Dragon Snake!! What a thrill!"

- Peter Soltys, Australia

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