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About IHF

Indonesia Herpetofauna Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organization established in Bogor, Indonesia on 5th September 2018.

Our Mission is the conservation of Indonesian amphibians and reptiles through innovative methods based on evidence.

We hope to achieve this through:

  • Creating a network of individuals and organizations that actively contribute to herpetofauna conservation in Indonesia.

  • Implementing science-based conservation projects, both in-situ and ex-situ.

  • Being involved in collaborative projects with external partners.

The IHF logo is a rectangle with the text 'INDONESIA HERPETOFAUNA FOUNDATION', where the 'O' in the word 'HERPETOFAUNA' is replaced by a snake's head, made up of two circles.


  • This represents the fact that herpetofauna are a vital component in our ecosystem, that we can't let disappear.

  • The fact that the head of the snake is made up of two circles that overlap each other reflects our organization that is dynamic, flexible, and creative.

  • The simplistic, clean, and clear typography represents our work ethic, striving for intellect and integrity.

  • The two lines parallel to the words 'INDONESIA' and 'FOUNDATION' reflects IHF as an inclusive space for conservationists, striving for equity both internally and towards external partners.

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Meet Our Team

Nathan Rusli

Executive Director


Angga Risdiana

Field Technician


Awal Riyanto


37 squared.jpg

Puspita Insan Kamil



Novita Sari

Engagement Officer

Rondang Siregar.jpg

Dr. Rondang Siregar



Agnes Indah Pratiwi



Dr. Mirza D. Kusrini

Chief Advisor


Rahayu Oktaviani


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