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Amphibian Technician

Deadline for Application: 15th November 2022

Amphibian populations around the world are facing some detrimental threats, causing a decline and potential extinction towards many amphibian species. For some, it may be necessary to establish a captive population to safeguard the species in case it goes extinct in the wild. One example of this is the bleeding toad, Leptophryne cruentata, a Critically Endangered species endemic to West Java.


The Amphibian Conservation Laboratory at IPB University, Bogor, is soon to be established, with an initial focus towards the husbandry and breeding of Leptophryne species. This is part of a larger project funded by Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP), collaboratively organized between IPB University, Indonesia Herpetofauna Foundation (IHF), and Chester Zoo.

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